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I'm just a wild and/or crazy guy from rural Indiana. I run a magazine, Something Magazine, of which I pubish an edition on a monthly basis (or, at least, I try to). What follows is an unordered list (in non-list format) of who I am and what I do.

I am primarily of Viking & Scottish ancestry and am Jewish (in ethnicity and by birth; I'm actually atheist). I am a Progressive Democrat, which goes against nearly every ideal held in common in the county from which I come, seeing as how the population here is somewhere like 70% Republican.

I habitually code websites because I've known HTML for about five years now. I'm in the process of learning Spanish, and can read it pretty well, but, yet, I cannot speak it so much so.

I stand 6'4" (1.9177m) tall, which causes me to stand out in a crowd. I like being taller-than-average, except when touring caverns. I am at least 3 inches (7.62cm) taller than everyone else in my family, and thusly can loom over them precariously. And what is more fun than precariously looming over things?

I write a lot, which is really basically why I started Something Magazine. I also draw/songwrite, although most of my drawings are of somwhat subpar quality and my songs are just my acoustic guitar and I "rocking the house."

I consider myself a complete and utter nerd and geek. Hence the fact that I weigh 265 lbs. (120kg), which is, actually, not so bad, seeing as how my doctor-prescribed ideal weight is 235 lbs. (107kg), due to my heavy, gigantic, and thick bone structure.

I score, on the Kinsey scale, somewhere around a 4. Thusly, while this is really quite closer to "bisexual" (though with a preference for members of the same gender) than it is to flat-out "gay," even mentioning such would most likely cause me to be tarred and feathered by the various rednecks and old people inhabiting my state.

I am a legally ordained Reverend with the Universal Life Church.

I play several musical instruments more than competently, including (but not limited to) the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and the accordion.

That'll be all.